Hosted Solutions

Hosted Server

Bring your server needs to the cloud to eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

In many cases a business that has traditionally had an in-house server located on the premises can greatly benefit from bringing that entire infrastructure to an online hosted server in the cloud.

Some of the major benefits that come with a cloud based server conversion include:

More Flexibility

Rapidly deploy new software to your teams without scheduling a technician to work locally at your office to install, backup and test.


Do away with multiple layers of backup solutions to maintain data safety. Instead, cloud based platforms include multiple backup solutions.

More Secure

Inherently, physical servers run the risk of someone literally walking out of the building with data. Eliminate direct access altogether.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Robust Solutions for an Increasingly Digital World

As cloud computing capabilities and global internet connectivity speeds increase, our workforces are capable of engaging daily tasks from anywhere in the world – virtually!

In addition to providing powerful application support from any desktop client, it offers security for employers and redundancy in the event an employee loses actual hardware or has not properly backed up files.

We offer complete virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform development and support that can transform your business by providing the custom computing interface, application deployment, and cost reduction that is a win for both the employee and the employer.


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Hosted Exchange/Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Email Solutions in the Cloud

A modern and functional e-mail service is critical for your business to function

Arroyo Seco offers Microsoft Exchange Hosting for businesses to provide powerful Enterprise level communication and management tools that are unparalleled in the industry. While Office365 can equip a small business with basic tools for email, file sharing and applications, Hosted Exchange brings security, management tools and features that go beyond basic functionality.

Exchange can give your company many powerful tools by implementing customizable productivity parameters that are designed to help your staff work more efficiently based on your own internal workflows. 

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