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Arroyo Seco’s approach to every subscriber is to provide quality internet solutions to match their needs.  Most homes are looking for fast, reliable internet and home wifi coverage.  Businesses are tailored for a specific solution to serve their communities most effectively.

We’re not a “one-size-fits-all” provider, even though we maintain competitive pricing.  Don’t settle for anything less than total satisfaction with your internet connectivity and services.  With Arroyo Seco Internet, you don’t have to


Struggling to get connected to your customers can cripple your ability to provide reliable service.

Unlock the potential of your business today with fast, reliable internet connectivity along with a host of complete solutions from VOIP phone to total network security.


Give your home the fast connection it needs thrive in the modern era from streaming to your home office.

We live in a digital world, and when the connection doesn’t support the basic needs like reliable communication, remote work and school, it can cause frustration and chaos.  

What Do You Get with Arroyo Seco?

Fast Installation

Our installation team will have your services up and running quickly after roof access is secured.

Guaranteed Reliability

Our services include an exceptional Service Level Agreement (SLA) of Enterprise-Class reliability.

No Data Caps

Utilize network speeds without the concern of reaching a cap on your connection

Best-in-Class Service

If you experience service issues, use a dedicated number to reach a knowledgeable live associate.

Modern Core Network

Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) core network designed for fast reroute and core redundancy.


Each dedicated internet & ethernet link has an FCC license to ensure your connection maintains reliability and security.

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