Our Background

In 2018, a small group of Arroyo Seco citizens explored whether a locally based wireless internet service provider (WISP) could be formed to provide a reliable and affordable premium high-speed internet service for Arroyo Seco. Before Arroyo Seco Internet, the only available internet service was provided by geostationary satellites limited by their intrinsic slow, unreliable internet performance, incurable latency and no local service or repair.

Further, these satellite internet companies were charging up to $160/month even though the subscribers were unable to: (1)receive calls, with their cell phone in their house and throughout their yard, (2) use their cell phone, when traveling, to access a security camera installed at their house or (3) attend video conferences from the comfort of their home to cut down on unnecessary travel or (4)Live stream high-definition movies without spooling delays.

Each of these perfectly reasonable wishes require faster speeds with drastically lower latency than those provided by the geostationary satellites.

Arroyo Seco Internet (ASI) is a locally owned and staffed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) company formed to provide Internet Service that meets these goals, and much more. As of June 2022, ASI is one of the fastest growing WISPs in California, having expanded beyond Arroyo Seco with more than 20 ASI sites serving subscribers in Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield and King city and their adjacent rural areas.

Who We Serve

Residential Customers

We want to provide exceptional service to our local rural customers that delivers a better experience for a price that respects your wallet.

Local Business Community

From premium internet connectivity to propel your daily operations to advanced Managed IT and Cyber Security solutions, we have our local businesses covered!

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Our Team

Philip H. Coelho

Managing Partner
(Finance; Strategic direction; Political Relations)

Philip H. Coelho, currently serving as Managing Partner of Arroyo Seco Wireless LLC and PHC Medical, Inc, is an engineer/ inventor, educated at the University of California, Davis, where he specialized in thermodynamics and machine design has been awarded > 50 U.S. patents (>200 worldwide) related to the automated selection, purification & cryogenic storage of human stem, progenitor and immune cells and the intraoperative preparation of an autologous hemostatic agent to stop surgical bleeding. Mr. Coelho founded and served in Executive Management of publicly traded Medical Device corporations for more than 30 years and is a member of the Board of Directors of Catalyst Pharmaceuticals (NASDSAQ: CPRX) and two non-profit 501(C)(3) Corporations. The Coelho Family has owned property and maintained a residence in Arroyo Seco for more than 60 years.

John Campbell

Partner, Director of Broadband Services
(Expansion & Maintenance of Broadband Operation; Management & Integration of Internet Services)

John, an Air Force Veteran, happily married, with three daughters, is ASI’s Manager of Internet Services, having served more than 20 years in the Broadband Technology Industry, most recently in advanced cybersecurity positions, a critical requirement in this age of “cyber extortion”, where criminals misuse the Internet to hack into, and hold hostage, electronic data, until a ransom is paid. He maintains a lifelong, disciplined lifestyle, as evidenced by competing in Spartan “Trail and Extreme Endurance” Races while earning a black Belt in Okinawa Seidokan Karate. He understands that most homes just need fast, reliable internet with total WIFI coverage and is committed to providing just that. However even small home businesses can benefit greatly from specially tailored solutions that allow them to perform as efficiently as possible to best serve their communities. As businesses grow their need for these internet solutions gets even more acute, and John’s mission is to provide the best solution to all subscribers.

Tom Mooneyham

Partner, Director of Broadband Field Operations
(Integration of ASI sites with Broadband; Installation and maintenance of all Internet Services)

I became the Arroyo Seco Wireless Field Service Manager in 2019, when the company was founded and became Partner in 2022. Prior, I was employed by the Monterey County Office of Education Media Center for over 39 years, where I Supervised the Media team that ran and operated the studios at MCAET / Monterey County Office of Education TV Studios that are housed at the Monterey County office of Education. In this position I managed the operation of all the cameras, lighting, sound, video, video streaming, Video Conferencing, PPT setups, special audio and video set-ups as well as engineered and maintained the broadcast control area of the MCAET studios Wireless internet systems also used for video transmission throughout the county of Monterey.

Paul Rauber

Partner, Director of Broadband Site Installations and Maintenance
(Site construction, maintenance & upgrading)

Paul Rauber constructs, maintains and upgrades all ASI transmission sites. He grew up in Carmel Valley and attended Carmel High and Monterey Peninsula College. Paul worked in construction for his father, Jack, a land developer for 10 years where he also earned a pilots license and flew light planes. He then obtained a general engineering contractor’s license and a C-57 license to drill water wells and construct and operate pumping systems. Paul is a master in the operation, maintenance and repairing large construction equipment, including bull dozers, graders, backhoes and well drilling rigs. He owned and operated a well drilling business for 14 yrs and has built three houses, working alone, from the ground up. Paul is a person who instinctively measures twice and cuts once and can see complex projects through to completion. Paul obtained his black belt in American Tang Soo Do Karate at the age of 56. Regardless of circumstance, Paul overcomes adversity with grace and is one of ASI’s most competent, versatile and valued partners.

Kristy Holt

Internet Operations Administrator

Mattie Barrington

Internet Installation and Maintenance Specialist