Cyber Security

Managed Detection and Response

As a culture, we have successfully moved into a digital age. And with all the benefits that come from this transition are an equal number of threats that come in many different shapes and sizes.

The most common security threats businesses face are data loss from wiper technology, ransom extortion, data breach, and denial of service. The result of such attacks all lead to the loss of productivity.

Our solutions include a two part approach.  The first is to assess your entire network for vulnerabilities and close any gaps you may have in your existing organization.  Second, we set up a monitoring platform that is capable of alerting us to potential threats so that they can be dealt with before they cause any harm.

Many businesses add even more layers of security to ensure the safety of their customers’ data.  These might include encrypted email solutions, VPN connections to your internal network and others.

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Are You Confident in Your Current Network Security?

If not, we would love to have the opportunity to do a threat assessment to your business organization to illustrate where weak points may occur and provide options to maintain a much safer and more secure infrastructure.